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Thank you for visiting! This website is a personal project of mine where I regularly share images, occasional blog articles, and tutorials. If you're interested in creating images, be sure to bookmark this site as I have several tutorials in the works, available in both text and video formats.


All the images on this site are either AI-generated or AI-assisted, using tools such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, and Picsart. I've developed a semi-automated workflow to produce batches of images, from which I select the best and upload them directly (unedited). Additionally, I have several collections of higher quality NFT images available with a commercial license, along with 3D models for printing or use in games. Some of these collections are related to a science fiction game I'm developing and will unlock in-game items, weapons, vehicles, armor, and loot.


I'm open to custom jobs, including NFTs, game art, icons, logos, and more. Simply click the "Contact" button below to send me a message about what you need. The NFTs are grouped by rarity, and some of the rarest ones will be among the first I release. If you visit the site regularly, you'll be the first to know. Additionally, there will be freebies available every other week, but only for a limited time.


I have multiple projects in progress and will be posting updates in the future.


Enjoy your visit, and I look forward to your return soon!


Best Regards





29 May 2024

Welcome to Doctormordi

Image Galleries - Blog - Tutorials

29 May 2024
Image Galleries - Blog - Tutorials

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